It’s an annoying process to get wallpapers working for Android phones because of the extra interface that manufacturers develop such as Sense and TouchWiz. Normally, you’d have to make your wallpaper a certain shape and size (4:3) so that when you pan the screens, your wallpaper also pans. The new TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III does not permit panning and the wallpaper is static. This means that the same picture can be used for both the lock screen and the wallpaper. These wallpapers may also be used on another phone with a screen shape of 9:16 and where the wallpaper does not need to pan.

This blog contains wallpapers ready configured for your Galaxy S III. Simply click on the thumbnails to open a picture, transfer to your phone and open it with an image viewer like Androids’ Quickpic or Gallery. Choose to set as Lock Screen/ Home Screen wallpaper. If your phone asks you to crop the image, always use the default Android Gallery cropping application, not the application you use to view images on your phone. You will notice that the images on this blog do not need to be cropped any further and you can enjoy high resolution wallpapers that fit perfect on your Galaxy S III.